Learning a foreign language is enjoyable but it also takes a lot of effort. When I took up foreign language lessons in college, I found it quite fulfilling. Knowing how to speak a different language is definitely a useful skill. It’s a resume builder too. Sometimes, knowing a foreign language can be your edge when it comes to getting a job or a promotion.

Why learn English

It’s no secret that English is a global language. If you want to go far in your career, then having English language skills is a must. Are you planning to work for an international organization or a multinational company? If yes, then English proficiency would be necessary.

Take note that it’s not enough that you know the basics. If you want to be successful in your job, then you need to be able to speak, read, and understand English well. Not achieving a certain level of proficiency can cause communication problems. I once had a coworker who had a very thick accent, and although we tried our best to understand each other, it really got in the way. With more practice, this coworker was eventually able to develop a more neutral accent. It made communication better for all of us in the office. For more additional tips, we suggest visit the youtube channel of Deniz Sasal. He is very exceptional and he will help you how to pass the interview.


Moving to a new country

Do you have plans of moving to an English-speaking country? If you do, then English proficiency is something that you should achieve. Luckily, you’ll have more opportunities to practice your skills. Practice speaking English every day. Whether it’s with your coworker or your roommate, use every chance to sharpen your English skills.

Getting ahead in your company

Are you living in a country where English is not the main language? It doesn’t mean that English skills will not come in handy. If you want to work for a top company, chances are, you’ll need to communicate with your counterparts in global offices. This means that being able to communicate in English is absolutely important. If you can’t have daily conversations in English, then you can still find other ways to practice. Why not start by watching YouTube videos? There are so many videos that can help you improve not only your speaking skills but your pronunciation and comprehension skills as well.

Accent and pronunciation matter

Good grammar is essential in speaking English. However, accent and pronunciation are also important. It is important to have a neutral and understandable accent. This doesn’t mean you need to learn how to speak in a North American or British accent. You just need to learn proper stress and enunciation. This can be achieved with constant practice. Also, remember that you need to find your own learning style. Know what works for you and make sure that you practice as often as you can.