Is job hunting turning out to be more difficult than you expected? Don’t worry because you are not alone. The process of landing job interviews and getting offers can be challenging, lengthy, and sometimes discouraging. The competition is tough so even if you think you’re perfectly matched to the job, there’s no guarantee that it will be offered to you. Even if you’ve already gone through the final interview, the hiring manager can still select a different candidate.

A lot of job seekers still fail to land the right jobs even after months of actively seeking and applying for jobs. Many of them have an excellent work history, impressive skills, and a prestigious degree to boot. But sometimes, their strategy in finding jobs simply doesn’t work. However, there is no need to feel discouraged. If you find yourself in the similar situation, then maybe it’s time to try using a letter of interest. Check out this related web site for more detailed guide on writing a letter of interest and many more.

Why should you send a letter of interest?

Getting rejected day after day can be immensely frustrating. Sometimes, the competition is just too tough so you need to do something more. So, it is best to be proactive and reach out to hiring managers. By sending a letter interest, you’re presenting yourself as a potential candidate for opportunities that have not yet been announced or posted online. Instead of just waiting for jobs to be available, seek them actively by sending a letter of interest.

What is the purpose of a letter of interest?

The purpose of a letter of interest is to connect you with the people who have the capability of getting you a job. In addition to that, it helps you discover “hidden” career opportunities. Now, who are these people that have the ability of getting you a job? No, these are not people from the HR department. These are the recruiters and hiring managers. They are the ones that have the decision-making power when it comes to hiring new people and creating job opportunities.

Whom should you send your letter of interest to?

The first thing you want to find out if you’re planning to use this strategy is your intended recipient. Do some research to find out to whom you should be sending your letter of interest. Now, take note. If the company that you’re eyeing is a relatively large one, then it might not be easy to identify your right point of contact. You first need to figure out the specific department that you want to contact and identify you the hiring manager in that department is. In doing this, you can consult a professional network like LinkedIn or the company’s official homepage.

If you think that your current strategy to find a job is not helping you at all, then maybe it’s time to use a different approach. Start drafting a letter of interest and research a few companies that you want to reach out to. And more importantly, always be positive and don’t let rejections discourage you in your job search.