More often than not, hiring managers prefer hiring a candidate that shows the desire to stay with the company for a long period of time. It’s easy to see why. A company normally invests a great amount of time, effort, and resources in a newly-hired employee. Of course, if the employee suddenly leaves, it means the company incurs losses.

This is exactly why hiring managers ask candidates about their long-term career plans. If you have an upcoming job interview, keep in mind that your answer to this question will have significant implications on your job application.

The objectives of this question

Like we mentioned earlier, hiring managers ask this question because they want to gauge a candidate’s dedication or commitment to work for the company for a significant period of time. They want to know if the candidate’s goals are aligned with the career path that is offered by the job. It is also one way of knowing how driven or determined the candidate is when it comes to advancing his or her career.  If you’re looking for more insight about this topic you can learn additional here.

Handling the interview question

Before you proceed to answer this interview question, keep in mind that you are possibly working with this particular hiring manager for a long time. So be honest. You don’t want to start your working relationship with false expectations.

You can answer this question by mentioning a few things that you want to achieve in a span of five years. In some job roles or positions, it is fine to be straight up ambitious. However, if the job doesn’t call for it, then it is best to keep your assertiveness to a minimum. In your answer, say something about how your goals relate to the job that you’re interviewing for. Don’t just simply say “In five years, I see myself still working for this company.” It just doesn’t sound sincere, and the hiring manager may see it as a lack of drive or ambition. Be more specific. You can say that you see yourself managing a small team, taking on leadership tasks, increasing sales, or launching a new product. In addition to that, you can mention the skills that you want to develop and the contributions you want to make to the company.

By being clear with your long-term ambitions and aligning them with the goals of the company, you can show the hiring managers that you have the commitment to stick around for the next five years or so. Remember, you don’t have to make up or exaggerate stories so that they’ll pick you for this role. All you have to do it determine the specific things you want to achieve and relate them with the job and the company.

In handling interview questions well, honesty and confidence are a must. A hiring manager will easily notice if you’re unprepared or if you’re just making things up, so take time to know your goals and prepare for the job interview. Please don’t forget to read our previous tips here about sending a letter of interest. Thank you.